Self Directed Learning Center at TU Kaiserslautern

„Basic self-study requirements: The advancement of independent learning skills as an integrated concept of higher learning.“

A Self-directed Learning Center has been established at the Distance and Independent Studies Center at Kaiserslautern University of Technology. The aim of the center is to support students in developing their self-study and self-directed learning skills in order to facilitate the entry into student life and to improve the structure of the continuing education program.

The Self-directed Learning Center is currently offering a 2-day training seminar - the Diemerstein Self-Study Days - for resident students at TU Kaiserslautern. An interesting venue is provided where skills can be developed in four different areas while working in small groups in a personal atmosphere:

Learning skills:
Prepare successfully for exams

Knowledge skills:
Management and evaluation of information

Communication skills:
Effective communications in oral exams and presentations

Emotional skills:
Stress management and self-reflection

The Self-directed Learning Center plans to gradually expand these services.
The Self-directed Learning Center at the Distance and Independent Studies Center is part of the department of Self-Directed Learning and e-Learning.

In addition to the initial funding provided by the Higher Education Pact II, the Self-directed Learning Center has received BMBF funding under a joint federal and state (Länder) program "Quality Pact in Teaching and Improved Study Conditions" since 2011.

More information is provided on the homepage of the Self-directed Learning Center (SLZ)

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