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Self Directed Studies Center

Project: "Basic Self-Study Requirements. The advancement of self-study skills as an integrated concept in higher education"

In the context of this project, a self directed studies center has been established at the Distance and Independent Studies Center at Kaiserslautern University of Technology. The aim of the center is to support students in developing their self-study and self-directed learning skills in order to facilitate the start of studies and to improve the structure of the continuing education program. 

The services provided by the Self Directed Studies Center are grouped into three components:

  1. Diemerstein Self Study Days: This training for students of TU is based on experience and practical exercises and aims to convey new study strategies that focus on self-reflection on individual learning patterns. Training is conducted by independent seminar leaders. Three progressive class levels encourage continuous reflection on learning patterns while constantly promoting skills development.
  2. E-Learning and Mixed Mode: The aim of the online services being developed is to present a bridge to existing on campus classes as well as to expand the course options. This will include course offerings that are equally appropriate for use in either on campus or distance study courses.
  3. Course guidance/E-Coaching: The third branch of service establishes a learning guidance scenario that provides coaching and support to students whether in a face to face or an online environment. With the sustainable integration of this self directed study approach, skills development counseling can be implemented as a standard feature of student life

Monitoring of the learning process in this way makes an important contribution towards optimizing the study conditions at RPTU.

Project management: Prof. Dr. Rolf Arnold, Scientific Director, DISC
Dr. Markus Lermen, Executive Manager, DISC
Project coordinator:Monika Haberer (M.A.)
Phone: +49 631 205-5018
E-mail: m.haberer(at)
Funding code:01PL11085


Project partner:

Visitor address

Building 57
D-67663 Kaiserslautern

Phone: +49 631 205-4925
E-mail:  info(at)

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