Open Competence Region Western Palatinate

The project "Open Competence Region Western Palatinate" is in the first as well as in the second funding phase one of the winning projects in the competition „Advancement through Education: Open Universities

In the Bund-Länder competition „Advancement through Education: Open Universities“, innovative, demand-oriented and sustainable concepts of universities are funded in order

  • to secure the supply of skilled workers in the long term,
  • to improve the permeability between vocational and academic education,
  • to integrate new knowledge quickly into practice and
  • to strengthen the international competitiveness of the science system through sustainable profile building in lifelong scientific learning and in part-time studies..

The concepts funded take the following groups into account in particular:

  • People with family responsibilities,
  • Employed persons, e.g. bachelor's graduates who are in employment and professionally qualified persons - even without a formal university entrance qualification,
  • People returning to work
  • drop-outs or
  • unemployed academics

Description of the current project phase (OKWest II)

Description of the current project phase (OKWest I)

The video recordings of the lecture series "eaching in Transition. New forms of teaching and learning with a view to competence orientation"



Management & Law / BMBF Open Competence Region Western Palatinate

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