Sustainable Project Management

DAAD-funded continuing education within the framework of the German-Arab Transformation Partnership

In autumn 2012, the Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) offered for the first time a distance learning programme on "Sustainable Project Management" for DAAD alumni from Egypt and Tunisia. In the third phase of the programme in autumn 2013, the distance learning programmes were expanded for DAAD alumni from other Arab countries (Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon)

The distance learning programme "Sustainable Project Management" is funded by the DAAD within the framework of the German-Arab Transformation Partnership, financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt). The Distance and Independent Studies Center of the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern is responsible for the organisational and professional supervision of the distance learning programme.

The contents of the distance learning programme are project management, monitoring and good governance. The first part of the distance learning programme deals with methods and instruments of project planning, project organisation and project control. Control instruments and the monitoring of programmes and projects are also dealt with. The second part of the distance learning programme addresses the topic of good governance. It focuses on structures of civil society regulations that are directly related to the social transformation processes in the North African region. Here, principles such as the rule of law, transparency, legitimacy and participation are discussed together. The guiding principle of sustainable development is also taken into account. The participants experience the different, culturally influenced ways of working and can strengthen their intercultural communication skills.

The learning process lasts three months. The methodological-didactical concept includes an online tutorial as a framework for the learning process: Via the communication and learning platform Moodle, which is established at DISC, an online-based learning support takes place, which continuously supports the self-organised learning of the participants with didactic study materials. Under the guidance and moderation of a subject specialist, the study contents are developed in a collaborative process using various communication tools. Two on-campus phases are held to deepen and reflect on the study contents, which also serve to build networks among the participants. The form of blended learning enables participants to organise their continuing education on a part-time basis and largely independent of location.


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