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The Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) at TU Kaiserslautern is one of the leading distance learning providers in Germany and a valuable resource on the path to obtaining your master's degree.

By studying distance learning programmes at the DISC, you will be able to realise your educational goals parallel to your various other commitments and responsibilities to job, family, and leisure activities. Our internationally recognised master's programmes and university level certificate programmes enable to be completed on a part-time basis while working, no matter when you have time available and where you are. Even a stay abroad or frequent career moves are no hindrance to your continuing education qualifications.

Your programme is supported by self-learning materials under the guidance of leading thinkers in your subject area, eLearning seminars and regional study groups. The duration of the programme, depending on the subject, may last between two or six semesters.

You can find more information about distance learning programmes here.

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